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360 Photo Booth

Our 360 Photo Booth is the ultimate addition to any event. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or a social celebration, our service guarantees that every moment is captured from every angle. Guests will love the interactive and engaging experience, and you'll have a treasure trove of memories to revisit."

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About the owner

Meet Barret Brand, a 15-year-old entrepreneur with a passion for film production, directing, and photography. Despite his young age, he's set his sights on a future as a producer, driven by a deep love for storytelling through film and the visual arts. Barret is constantly refining his skills in both directing and photography, believing that creativity has the power to inspire and connect people on a profound level.

Not only is Barret an aspiring artist, but he's also a supportive family member. He actively contributes to his family's real estate business and dreams of achieving remarkable success for himself and his loved ones in the future. With a combination of creativity and dedication, Barret Brand is a young visionary on a promising path to making his mark in the world of entrepreneurship and artistic expression.

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